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About Me - Shantae Latrese



Thank you for clicking the 'About Me' section because that means you actually want to know more about little ol' me! My name is Shantae Williams, I am a small town country girl from Topeka, Kansas that made her way to Los Angles, California to live a fulfilled adventurous lifestyle. I met my soulmate Kevin and his princess Sophee in LA about 3 months after moving, a couple years later we had our baby boy Kyson Mekhi. 
Something lit up inside of me when I moved to California. Let's just say the growth is REAL! I remember telling myself that I wasn't pretty enough to be a model, that I was too curvy, too short, and even told myself I was too dark skin. Something about California made me want to love myself even more, do better, be better etc. I remember watching Youtube videos to learn more about makeup and fashion. That's when I started seeing models of all sizes and shapes with the confidence to match. Let's just say I was hooked! Three years after moving to California, Sweet Winters was born. I wanted to help women feel good about themselves; give them a place to shop and feel pretty. Which leads me to the meaning behind Sweet Winters.
All women have a bit of sweet winters inside them, some know this as the quiet storm. Whenever we feel pretty and look good it shows through our actions, our words, our spirit. When we feel moody, angry, emotional, down etc., it shows in our appearance. Let me be honest, when we look good, we feel good and our attitude tends to be sweet. When I wake up in the morning and do not get dressed, I tend to lounge around the house and not get much done, or my day becomes one of chores. BUT when I wake up and get dressed, I am instantly ready to hit the road and figure out where I can go to be seen. Don't judge me, we ALL want to be seen!

Dear Sweet Winters,

This brand is for YOU. This is the placeholder between classy and casual. The place you can buy a outfit and dress it down with tennis shoes and sandals, or dress it up with heals and booties. This is a place you can come and step out of your comfort zone and be that sexy or slightly casual women you dream about at night. 

BE confident, BE open, BE whom you desire to be

- Shantae Latrese